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How to create a free Neteller account today and Why, does it safe?


Neteller is the most reliable and popular online gambling payment service on the planet. It is an e-money service that is owned and operated by British Paysafe Group with 15 languages and 26 major currencies. One can create a Neteller account and loaded money via 40 different ways vary by a country that can be used to pay merchants such as forex trading, social networks, send money, bank transfer, cheque, Net+ prepaid MasterCard which shows as a digital wallet.

Is Neteller safe?

Neteller is expressly safe to use, and as far as using it for online casinos go is arguably safer than bank transfers or any cards.

Does Neteller Ask you ID or Password?

The Neteller will never ask you for your secure ID or password everything you need to know any questions from here.

Can I deposit money in Neteller account?

You can use your debit card or credit card entering the required information to deposit money in your Neteller account.

Can I deposit money in Neteller from Canada?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use Neteller in Canada.

Is Neteller banned in Asia?

A country like Bangladesh is not possible to deposit funds, balance, Euro into a Neteller account. Some betting sites, gaming sites, casino sites, poker sites are restricted or banned in some countries in Asia.

Why do I deposit in online Casino by Neteller?

Yes, because Neteller is one of the easiest and quickest ways to deposit online casinos in Asia and over the world at any time anywhere.

Do I need to verify my Neteller account?

If you want to use your Neteller account safe and secure you must need to verify your account first to avoid any harassment which you made. So sign into your Neteller account and choose option Verify your account if you do not see just deposit amount to your Neteller account for the verification process.

How long does it take to withdraw from Neteller to a bank account?

Approximately it takes up to three business days for the funds to appear in your bank account.

Does Neteller have a Card?

The Neteller Mastercard is called as Net+ and also a virtual Net+ card.

Online gambling

Neteller and online gambling provide players with the opportunity to deposit funds securely to play online. NETELLER is one of the most popular online methods that allows you to transfer money safely to online casino gambling accounts. As a reliable and convenient method of transferring money, Neteller offers seven different payment methods, which you can choose from in addition to the five withdrawal options.

Open account

Although each online gambling site needs people to open separate accounts, Neteller wants you to start only 1 account by them. However, Neteller is not accessible in all countries, so you must be based in one of the countries you currently serve. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re already in the country, you’ll need to enter some personal information to create an account. These data include:

Create Your Neteller Account Today for Free

Email and password
Answer the security question
Full name, address and phone number
Sex and date of birth
To check, NETELLER will send a verification link to your email and code to your mobile. After verification, you will be asked to enter the necessary financial information. Initial registration is the first step for Neteller and online gambling.


For account holders who wish to deposit funds, there are several options available:

Ukash – This option allows users to transfer funds from purchased receipts. There is no fee for Ukash, and the transaction is processed immediately.

Instant Bank Deposits – The user’s financial institution transfers funds to Neteller using online banking. Fees are charged, but prices vary, and this is an immediate deal.

Deposits with a local bank – this includes remittances within the bank that are credited to your Neteller account. No deposits are charged on deposits with local banks, but the clearing time is not real-time and changes.

Visa or MasterCard is a simple and immediate transfer from one of these credit cards to Neteller. A commission of 1.75 percent is charged per transaction.

Visa Debit Card is a free and instant transfer.

International Bank Transfer – No fees are charged, but the lead time is two to five business days.
Keep in mind that Neteller charges customers 2.5% of the exchange rate in addition to the interbank market rate that day.

Terms of use

Before you deposit or create your account you need to read the Neteller terms of use carefully first. If it is reliable to you than you can create your account.


Output options available:

Net prepaid card
Bank transfer
Wire member
Bank check
Time can vary from the moment of the transaction to the withdrawal to the moment of receipt of funds from one to 14 business days. If you receive a currency other than the money in your Neteller account, a currency fee will also be charged.

Get Started

Neteller provides a safe and reliable way to transfer and withdraw money while enjoying online casino games. These games are more comfortable to enjoy when you know you trust your essential financial information to be reputable and respected companies like Neteller and online casinos.